Advantages of Cloud Server Storage for Your Business

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Business of all sizes get hugely benefited from cloud server storage. Although, initially it was thought that cloud service and storage will be more of personal use, but later it has been adapted enormously by businesses as well. Presently, cloud services are dominating nearly all aspect of technology starting from software, to security, to storage. Cloud can be highly advantageous for several businesses with its wide-ranging services like set-up, hosted applications, and more – and the evolution generally commences with the need of data storage.

Lots of people are now enjoying the leverage of the cloud storage for individual purposes, but many businesses are yet to take their first step towards benefiting from cloud services. This assessment regarding the advantages of cloud will help you to consider cloud storage as your partner in your digital advancement.

Today’s organizations use, accumulate, interpret and store lots of data and this will gradually rise with the advancement of technology. But, the major problem faced is the dilemma of where to store so much of data. This concern includes a lot more than just a necessity of storage space: it covers some crucial aspects like availability, accessibility, recovery, and security. This is where cloud server storage offers the best solution for many organisations. Let us take a thorough look on how cloud server storage works and what are its advantages.
In a Cloud Server Storage, your data can be saved to a remote database and it can be accessed via an internet connection. Most of these databases are hosted on servers that are managed by third-party providers, known as public clouds. Otherwise, your own servers can be hosted by you in a private or remote cloud or may be with a mix of both the approaches, known as hybrid cloud.

Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive are three familiar examples of online storage that are widely used by people. Since most of the businesses require to store higher volumes of data, they will require a provider that concentrates on hosting enterprise level systems and having the high-quality set-up necessary to meet the growing demands of several businesses.

Some advantages of cloud server storage are:

1. Cost-Effective
The foremost benefit, and possibly the most important one, is the cost-effectiveness of cloud storage. It is usually more reasonably priced since the providers dispense the infrastructural and service charges across several businesses using their storage.
Moreover, cloud storage helps you to get rid of the expense of hardware and maintenance.

2. Accessibility
Cloud storage will not only save physical space for you, but will also help you to get rid of the pain of maintenance. You can do it all with just a computer with internet connection. The cloud storage provider will be maintaining, managing and supporting your business while all your data will remain safely accessible to you.

3. More Secured
With cloud storage, there is no single chance of losing your data since it is backed up to multiple other servers, which means if by chance one server crashes, your data is secured as it has backups in different locations. The possible hazard of hardware malfunction is also reduced as your data is securely stored in separate locations.

4. Flexibility
In these day’s world of integration, connectivity, and network, flexibility has become a major choice for business owners as well, so that they can work from anywhere, anytime. Cloud storage allows full flexibility to its users, not only by giving access to the data from anywhere, but also by allowing mobility. It allows its users to work from multiple devices, while storing the latest version of work in the cloud.

5. Scalable
Cloud storage only charges for what you use. It is not required to plan or forecast about the amount of storage you will be needing for a particular year and absolutely no need of risk payment for extra space or unused space. The cloud storage providers can adjust the available resources and you can pay based on your existing requirements, customizing as they change.

Organizations looking for enterprise level storage solutions at reasonable charges, can definitely consider cloud server storage.

At CloudCandy Host, we offer a variety packages of cloud storage solution to befit the needs of all types and sizes of businesses. Our 24/7/365 support will provide you personalized service to manage all your applications in a more reliable way.

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