Virtual Private Servers – Information & Facts


The Term

Virtual Private Servers are those that have been segregated using virtualization technology to form smaller servers. In this kind of hosting, the service provider will take care of all issues related to the server management operations together with its functioning and maintenance. Moreover, it allows full control to the customers over their server environment by providing complete root access. You don’t have to worry about the daily management of the server, applications, and operating system. Some managed VPS hosting plans also come with controlling and automatic backup options.

Why Select VPS Hosting

VPS hosting offers more disk space, CPU and RAM, thereby ensuring that your website performs at top speed so that it can deliver brilliant browsing experience to the visitors. Moreover, VPS hosting is highly scalable and flexible. You can select the Operating System according to your choice along with complete root access, which make it easier for you to acquire total control over the entire crucial actions. Choosing VPS hosting can assist you to experience cutting-edge hosting resources and features in a cost-effective method.

Who Should Choose VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is the much-preferred selection of maximum businesses, particularly the smaller ones that are on a fast development orbit. VPS hosting comes with two options – Managed and Unmanaged VPS hosting. Managed VPS hosting is ideal for those who don’t have enough experience of server systems administration. You can get your own segment of resources in spite of being on a server system which is being used by many others. You can use all the resources you require to ensure smooth functioning.

While unmanaged VPS, or self-managed VPS, is for individuals who have adequate knowledge of handling a virtual web server, not needing any sort of support from the hosting provider.

Basic Insight of VPS Hosting 

Managed or Self-managed?

Before selecting VPS hosting, it is vital to have some basic idea of shell commands, and the usage of hosting control panels. Moreover, depending on the troubleshooting skill and server administration skill, the customers can select either managed or self-managed VPS service.

Operating system

There are Linux-based and Windows-based hosting solutions. The customer can choose their preferred operating system– Linux or Windows.


The uptime offered by your web hosting provider is extremely vital. Most of them give 99.9% uptime assurance. But still, you should carefully check out the facts. Their previous uptime records can give you a clear impression of their service.

Backup and Support

No matter whatever hosting solution you choose, always remember to ask regarding technical support. Select a VPS hosting service provider with round-the-clock technical support over phone, live chat, or email, if you face a technical hindrance.

Back up is an essential aspect but certainly it must not be your concern. In your system, you can back up all your files, and the host will persistently keep backing them up in their database. So that in case if your VPS gets infected, you can retrieve all he needed files.

Advantages of VPS Hosting

There are numerous benefits of using VPS hosting service, amongst which the utmost significant possibly is quicker performance of the site. Speed and loading time of web pages are vital for all businesses since if it’s slow and it takes a long time to load, visitors will go away which may cause utmost damage to the businesses. Here we will discuss more benefits of VPS hosting:

  1. Faster Performance

Statistically it has been proved that visitors generally leave, if the load time of any site or app is long. Furthermore, speed is also an important issue as it is used by Google as a ranking feature, thus, a website which is fast will attract more visitors than a slower one.

VPS hosting can deliver you improved performance and faster speed and load times for your website than any other shared hosting services.

  1. Scalability

VPS hosting is extremely scalable. This signifies that a VPS hosting can easily transform the resources distributed to your server, that too without a downtime.

VPS hosting plans offers you the facilities like individual, dedicated servers and you can contact your hosting provider anytime to upgrade your plan, in case you require more power.

  1. Customer Service

As a part of VPS hosting plan, you can avail customer service assistances. In case you have queries or questions regarding anything related to your service or plan, someone is there all time, to resolve your queries via chat, email or on phone.

  1. Security

Another significant benefit of VPS is that you will usually have a top-level security compared to shared hosting services. It’s is like having a secluded service while all the resources (comprising hard disk space) are your own.

The best part is that your hosting provider does the essential security configurations for you, in managed VPS service, thereby allowing you the enough time, without being bothered by technical stuffs.

  1. Time and Cost

All these advantages described here result in one more advantage of VPS hosting, cost-effectiveness in terms of both time and money. Although, the cost of a managed VPS might be more that of a shared hosting plan, but then if you consider the general benefits, then managed VPS results in more savings.

If you are now having a website, and if you have already faced some issues, you might think twice regarding your hosting service. If you are worried about your website and your business, you should consider moving from shared hosting to VPS hosting services, which is now not only a choice, but a compulsory decision for the consistency and development of your business.




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